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* K*A L*A *V *A *R *T * *N*Y*A*S*


Kalavar Nyas was established in the year 1988 with a view to preserve and conserve the Folk Art and Tradition and to initiate and encourage a dialogue between young and senior artist. To have the benefits of the company of the establisehd persons of art, literature, music and other facilities of culture for the young and budding artists. the "Nyas has undertaken as one the activities." In a short span of time "Nyas has distiguished achivements of organizing Drawing and Painting Camps, Seminars on Art & Culture and Children's Art Competitions. The Nyas has attempted to provide a platfom to the new talents to perform, exhibit and interadct with the intellectuals of the society in general.

As an Intitution of Art, in its very first function the Nyas had the rare distinction of having The first-hand experience of the music of the late Pt. Kumar Gandharv, the Painting of the late N. S. Bendre, the late Kalaguru V. S. Wakankar & Kalaguru Vishnu Chinchalkar.

The distiguished man of letters Dr. Shivmangal Singh "Suman",  senior journlist Shri Awantilal Jain, the noted satirist & founder of "Tepa Sammelan" Dr. Shiv Sharma and the noted sculptor Padmshree Rsm V. Sutar have been associated with "Nyas" as the patrons.

* K*A L*A *V *A *R *T * *N*Y*A*S*


01. Establishing a Museum and Research Institute of Folk Arts of Malwa.

02. To start a tranning center of Arts.

03. To start a permanent art gallery and art library with publication facilities.

04. To organize art exhibitions.

05. To organize work-shops, seminars, tours for artist, camps, competitions for childern for their artistic activities like Drawing, Painting, Toy making etc.

06. Honoring the senior and establieshed personalities in Arts, namely the thinkers, the artists, the teachers.

07. Encouraging the young and budding artists.

* K*A L*A *V *A *R *T * *N*Y*A*S*

* Founder Patrons :

Pt. Kumar Gandharva

N. S. Bendre

Dr. Shivmangal Singh "Suman"

Padmshri V. S. Wakankar

*  Patrons :

Ram V. Sutar

Padmanath  Bendre

Awantilal Jain

Dr. Shiv Sharma

Om Amarnath

* Advisors :

Prabhakar Kolte

Suhas Bahulkar

Prayag Shukla

Dheeraj Choudhary

* Honorary Director :

 Vasant Chinchavadkar

* Charter President :

Dr. Chand Shekhar Kale

(Cell. 09425189330, 09752750902)

* Vice Presidents :

Bhalu Monde

(Cell. 09893026705)

Ramesh Anand

(Tel. 07272-228474)

* Secretary :

Pawan Garwal

(Cell. 09425093370)

* Legel Advisor :

Advocate Shripad Naik 

(Tel. 0734-2515116)

* Auditor :

Shri Pradeep Chhajed 

(Cell. 09425093620)

* P.R.O. :

Dr. Paridhi Kale

(Cell. 09302226964)

* Treasurer :

Pawan Kumrawat

(Cell. 09424016964)

* Chief Art Consultent :

Akshay Ameriya

(Cell. 09826214499)

 * Trusty Members :

Akshay Ameriya

(Cell. 09826214499) 

Girish Bhawalkar

(Cell. 09977748814)

Dhananjay Hirwey

(Cell. 09827729119)

Jitendra Bhavsar

(Cell. 09406624818)

Smt. Jaya Khedkar

(Cell. 09406881615)

* Rpresentatives :

Chintamani, Pune/Mumbai

(Cell. 09860398602)

Radheshyam, New Delhi

(Cell. 09810515140)

* K*A L*A *V *A *R *T * *N*Y*A*S*

The Achivements : 

1987, Varishtha-Yuva Samavay-Kala Pradarshni and Sangeet Utsav" (Senior-Junior Artists Group - Art Exhibition and Music Festival). Participating Artists: The late V. S. Wakankar, N. S. Bendre, Vishanu Chinchalkar, G. K. Pandit, Shri Shrenik Jain, Vasant Agashe, Sachchida Nagdev and R. S. Bhavsar. Painting.

Musicians- The Late Pt. Kumar Gandharva (Vocal), M. D. Agashe (Violin), Deepak Garud and Mahant (Tabla), Ravi Garud, Ms. Smita Shende (Flute), Ms. Jyoti Thakar (Sitar), Ms. Jaishri Tambe and Parijat Hombal (Dance) 1988-89 M.P. State level Achal Alloys Exhibiton.


Dr. C. S. Kale

(Founder President, Kalavart Nyas)

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